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We, TrueMax Media, devoted to identifying talents, sworn in to highlight and organize various gospel events to reach out to the mass community sharing the love of Christ. I have been organizing, coordinating and managing gospel events since 1994, highlighting spiritual growth to the gospel community in the United States. With larger turn around on these events and with the support of my friends and well-wishers I have been inspired to start this media group as TrueMax Media to better serve the entertainment industry. The group works on current trends to establish a prominent presence in the industry which can grow, develop and adapt to the changing needs and technology. The group will continue to provide platforms and forums to promote various artists with the key principles of providing quality products maintaining the integrity. The products include spiritual events, interviews, gospel music shows, information services and news. Our mission also includes serving as a bridge for overseas entertainers/artist in setting an international platform showcasing their talents that can be beneficial and entertaining for the community.